There are always opportunities to better ourselves.
See below for a list of formation opportunities.

Serviam Institute

As part of our training for church leaders, there is a free online learning system from the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania- Serviam Institute. Serviam provides learning resources that will equip and empower both our laity and clergy.

If you are interested in taking courses on Serviam, please visit their website here. 

Safe Church Training

If you are a member of the Vestry, part of a ministry, or are simply interested in being educated on safe church practices, then you should enroll in Safe Church Training. Completion of Safe Church is mandatory for positions in the church involving youth and vulnerable persons. We encourage you to sign up ASAP and get a head start!

Please contact our Parish Office Assistant here to get signed up.


Anti-Racism Training

This Anti-Racism Commission presents a series of workshops designed to help participants understand the historic creation, preservation, and personal and institutional effects of a society built upon ideas of racial difference, which in turn support an unjust, racially based hierarchy. Completion of all five workshops over two years meets the initial
clergy requirement for anti-racism education. For more information on the Diocesan Anti-Racism Commission, or to register for upcoming workshops, please go here.

My Way of Love

My Way of Love is a personal guide for the spiritual journey, providing coaching to help individuals grow along the seven practices for Jesus-centered life: turn, learn, pray, worship, bless, go, and rest. It begins with a brief online survey which assesses where you are in your spiritual life. For more information, please visit here.